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9. Theory


accelerate quickly

evasive evasiveness We were past all evasiveness Aren't we passed all evasions?

stall - istálló, installáció

a stall

to stall

I stalled. - megáll

make-believe (színlelt, színlelésÖ

he activity of pretending that something is real or that a situation is better than it really ise

huge hall filled with people

a hum buzzing of words

a low continuous noise made by a machine or a lot of people talking

I am only getting FM

hit home  = go to home

speedometer = sebességmérő

decelerate - lassít

veer /vɪə(r)/

1. to suddenly move in a different direction

 back away, draw back, part, pull away,

veer off course (=move in a different direction from the one planned):



at this speed we are not going to crash. - Nem fogunk karambolozni (crash ellenőrizendő)

Why are you in such a hurry? - Miért sietsz úgy?

I've never been in an accident.

I've never even gotten a ticket -  radar detector


abide - eltűr, szabályt betart, tartózkodik

I was raised to abide by traffic law

an old word meaningto stay or live somewhere

can’t abide something :to dislike something very much. It is more usual to say that you cant stand something

abide by something to follow a rule, decision, or instruction

pretzel - perec


I ran into an old family friend


knuckle -ujjperc

convulsively - görcsös, rngatozó VAGY felforgató

superstition - babona

I tricked  out of him

clamp onto the steering wheel

incredulous /ɪnˈkredjʊləs

not able to believe something, or not wanting to believe it


showing that you find something hard to believe



without any reasons to feel happy or hopeful



bleak weather is very cold and grey

I am pleased that ...


inaudible - nem hallható

flinch - hátrahököl

to make a sudden small movement because you are afraid, surprised, or in pain


complacent - önteltség önelégültség

too confident and relaxed because you think you can deal with something easily, even though this may not be true

make you complacent

satiate the hunger /ˈseɪʃieɪt/ - jóllakik, eletlik

to satisfy a need or desire completely, sometimes in a way that makes you feel as though you have had too much



showing that you are sorry about something


1.nteresting or exciting enough to keep your attention completely


please grasp it

sulky feeling angry and unhappy and not wanting to talk to anyone or to be with other people



offended or shocked very much by something, because it is extremely unpleasant or bad

appalled at/by:

I was appalled by his arrogant attitude.

appalled to see/hear/find/discover etc:

She was appalled to hear that her husband had been arrested.

brim over

incapacitate -alkalmatlanná tesz

I have a paper due

the lights were on

whiff - szellő, leheletnyi


  1. literary felt in an extreme way

go lie down

get a grip


to make a person or animal feel suddenly frightened or surprised by doing something that they do not expect


to pull something or someone suddenly with a lot of force

i yanked it off the hook

stupor - lesújtva, ledermedve

the condition of being unable to think or act normally because you are not completely conscious

how potent...




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