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Validation, log, stump, etc.


My math, etc.

validation =

1. confirm truthfulness of somethingto confirm or establish the truthfulness or soundness of something (megerősítés)

2. law make something legal: to declare or render something legal or binding
validate a passport (érvényesítés)

3. register something formally: to register something formally and have its use officially sanction (jóváhagyás)

4. make somebody feel valued: to make somebody feel valued as a person, or feel that his or her ideas or opinions are worthwhile (megerősítés)

Log= Fahasáb, feljegyzés-napló, mérték



A log szó 100 dolgot jelentKép

stump =1. base of treethe base of a tree trunk and its roots after the tree has fallen or been cut dow



log 1- piece cut from treea section of the trunk or a thick branch of a tree that has been cut for fuel or building material (logger (láncfűrész) = favdaraboló - favágó, lumberjack- arhaic. fejsze) (wood)

Képwood =  fuel or building materialwood from trees, cut and dried for use as a fuel or a building material or in other areas of craft and manufacture




Kép lumber (timber) = . logs sawed for usetrees that have been sawed and prepared for use in building, woodworking, or cabinetmaking


2. record of journeya record of a journey made by a ship or aircraft, detailing all events, or the book in which it is kept

3. record of events: any detailed record of events

4. device for measuring ship's speeda float attached to a ship by a line, formerly used for measuring the ship's speed



4. transitive and intransitive verb fell treesto cut down the trees growing on a particular area of land

rainforest logging

5. transitive and intransitive verb cut up tree for logsto cut up a tree to produce logs for fuel or building


1. transitive verb include event in log: to record information or an event in a log
The computer will log all these transactions automatically.

2. transitive verb travel particular distance or speed: to travel a particular distance, time, or speed that is then recorded in a log
These checks are made routinely once the aircraft has logged 100,000 miles.

3. transitive verb have work time in credit: to spend time or accumulate a particular number of hours, especially for a job, that are usually recorded somewhere


  • állomást meghatároz
  • darabokra hasít
  • fahasáb
  • fatönk
  • fatörzs
  • feldarabol
  • félfa
  • felhasít
  • felhasogat
  • fúrólyukszelvény
  • gépnapló
  • gömbfa
  • hajónapló
  • hajónaplóba beír
  • halad vmilyen sebességgel
  • hasábfa
  • karottázs-szelvény
  • logaritmus
  • lyukszelvény
  • megy vmilyen sebességgel
  • napló
  • rönkfa
  • sebességmérő
  • szálfát vág
  • talpgerenda
  • tuskó
king log
  • bábkirály
log book
  • forgalmi engedély
  • hajónapló
  • menetnapló
  • napló
  • fakunyhó
log floater
  • tutajos
  • tutajozó munkás
log in
  • bejelentkezés
  • torlódás (folyón)
log off
  • kijelentkezés
log on
  • bejelentkezés
log plate
  • logtábla
  • "kéz kezet mos"
log sheet
  • állomásnapló
log utilities
  • naplózó segédprogram
patent log
  • gyorsaságmérő
  • sebességmérő
  • sodormérő
keep the log rolling
  • mozgatja az ügyet
  • nem hagyja a dolgot elaludni
sleep like a log
  • alszik, mint a bunda
  • alszik, mint a mormota
  • alszik, mint a tej
timber in the log
  • kérges rönk
as easy as falling off a log
  • pofon egyszerű
  • világos, mint a vakablak

Logger OR Lumberjack

The term lumberjack is somewhat archaic, having been mostly replaced by logger. When lumberjack is used, it usually refers to a logger from an earlier time before the advent of chainsaws, feller-bunchers and other modern logging equipment. Other terms for the occupation include woodcutter, and the colloquial term woodhick (Pennsylvania, US). A logger employed in driving logs down a river was known locally in northern North America as a river pig, catty-man, river hog, or river rat. The term "lumberjill" has been known for a woman who does this work, for example in Britain during World War II. [1

Lumber or timber  or Log = FAANYAG


Lumber  or timber  is wood that is used in any of its stages from felling through readiness for use as structural material for construction, or wood pulp for paper production. (The distinction between the two terms is discussed below.)

Lumber is supplied either rough or finished. Besides pulpwood, rough lumber is the raw material for furniture-making and other items requiring additional cutting and shaping. It is available in many species, usually hardwoods. Finished lumber is supplied in standard sizes, mostly for the construction industry, primarily softwood from coniferous species including pine, fir and spruce (collectively known as Spruce-pine-fir), cedar, hemlock, but also some hardwood, for high-grade flooring.


Timber =

a. Trees or wooded land considered as a source of wood.

b. Wood used as a building material; lumber.

Lumber =

1. Timber

2. Esetleg 1. Timber sawed into boards, planks, or other structural members of standard or specified length.

Lumber is sold buy the board foot. (The board-foot is a specialized unit of volume for measuring lumber in the United States and Canada. It is the volume of a one foot length of a board one foot wide and one inch thick.) öl


Logs are felled timber and I would say they are bought and sold based upon how many board feet of lumber they would yield.

Price would depend upon species, grade, and region. Price could be in board feet expressed as $/Mbf (dollars per 1000 board foot) or for some logs like pulp wood for things like paper as $/ton (dollar per ton)

tim·ber [ tímbər ]

noun  (plural tim·bers)
1. growing trees: standing trees or their wood, especially when suitable for sawing into building materials
2. wooded land: land covered with trees
Same as  lumber1n (sense 1)
4. construction large wooden building support: a large piece of wood, usually squared, used in a building, e.g. as a beam
5. shipping part of ship's framework: a large piece of wood used in the framework of a wooden ship
6. somebody as suitable material for position: somebody with the right qualities for a position
She's definitely congressional timber.

made of timbers: constructed of timbers

warning of falling tree: used by a lumberjack to warn others that a tree has been cut and is about to fall

transitive verb  (past and past participle tim·bered, present participle tim·ber·ing, 3rd person present singular tim·bers)
provide with timbers: to build, cover, or support something with timbers
[ Old English, "a building" < Indo-European, "build"]

 cut down  =

1. transitive and intransitive verb reduce something: to consume, use, or do less of something, especially because it is considered harmful
The doctor says I have to cut down on fried foods.
2. transitive verb fell or clear away plants: to cut through the trunk or stem of a plant so that it can be removed or harvested
3. transitive verb kill somebody: to kill somebody, especially suddenly or unexpectedly ( usually passive )
4. transitive verb make clothing smaller: to alter a piece of clothing so that it will fit somebody smaller

5. transitive verb automotive remodel car by removing extras: to remodel a car by removing unnecessary extras, especially in order to make it more suitable for racing



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