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squsihy - pépes, nedves

1. soft: soft and giving under pressure

2. overly sentimental: overly sentimental or romantic

3. weak: lacking in courage or resolution ( slang )
a squishy foreign policy



special needs (kids)

cleavage = hasadás, dekoltázs

1. crease visible between breasts: the hollow visible between a woman's breasts when a low-cut garment is worn

2. split in something: a split, division, or separation of something

3. act of splitting: division or splittin

4. geology minerals rock or mineral fracture: the splitting of minerals or rocks along natural planes of weakness determined by their internal crystal lattice. The angle of cleavage is one of the features used to identify minerals

5. embryology repeated division of fertilized egg: the repeated division of a fertilized ovum zygote before formation of the early embryo blastula. The zygote does not increase in size during this process because the cells become progressively smaller after each division.

6. chemistry splitting of molecule: the splitting of a molecule into simpler molecules through the breaking of a chemical bond





louse - tetü



lousy - pocsék




dork = hangyás, kuki


1. an offensive term that deliberately insults somebody's intelligence, physical appearance or social skills ( slang insult

2. an offensive term for a penis ( slan

run-down - kopott



TV anchor = main presenter


mercury = higany


peer pressure

group pressure

plot =terv

bias = elhajlás. elfogultság

1. preference: an unfair preference for or dislike of something
a bias in favor of internal candidates


  • egyoldalas
  • egyoldalúság
  • elfogultság
  • befolyásol
  • előítélet
  • részrehajlás

2. textiles diagonal linea line that runs diagonally across the weave of a fabric
a dress cut on the bias

  • aszimmetria
  • átlós
  • diagonál (autógumi)
  • dőlt
  • eltérés
  • eltérés egyenes vonaltól
  • eltérít
  • ferde
  • ferdeség
  • ferde sík
  • keresztbe fektetett anyag
  • rézsút fektetett anyag
  • rézsútos
  • rézsútosság
  • lejtésl

3. electronics voltage appliedthe voltage applied across an electronic device, especially a transistor or valve, to determine the conditions under which it operates

  • előfezültség
  • határáram
  • hajlam

4. statistics distortion of resultsthe distortion of a set of statistical results by a variable not considered in the calculation, or the variable itself

  • súlyponteltolódás
  • torzítás
  • másfelé terel
  • kitérés

to bias :

influence somebodyto influence somebody or something unfairly

abide = tűr. lakik

1. transitive verb tolerate somethingto find somebody or something acceptable or bearable
couldn't abide his superior attitude

  • eltűr
  • elvisel

2. intransitive verb dwell (tartózkodik)to live or reside in a place ( archaic )

  • lakik
  • marad
  • megmarad
  • tartózkodik





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