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plaid, hicks, brash


plaid - kockás

seep - szivárog, átitatódik, eresz


intransitive verb  (past and past participle seeped, present participle seep·ing, 3rd person present singular seeps) 

1. pass through: to pass or escape through an opening very slowly and in small quantities ( refers to liquids or gases ) water seeping out of the cracks

2. disappear: to diminish slowly but steadilywith her resistance gradually seeping away

3. go slowly: to enter or escape slowly but inexorablynew sensations seeping into his consciousness

noun  (plural seeps)

1. geology place where liquid escapes: a small pool or spring where liquid escapes from the ground

2. Same as  seepage







soak -áztat / ázik ,megázik,  a soak a legáltalánosabb

leave the beans to soak overninight

The rain soaked the clothes





steep - belemárt ázni

1. transitive and intransitive verb immerse in liquid: to soak something in a liquid, or be soaked in a liquid, especially for cleaning or softening or in order to extract something

Just steep two bags in one cup

Let steep and aerate daily for





2. transitive verb permeate (pömiéjt) - (átitja, belemártja) somebody or something: to permeate somebody or something with a substance or quality, usually over a long period ( usually passive )
steeped in tradition

noun  (plural steeps)Definition: 1. soaking: an act or the process of steeping something in a liquid

1. soaking: an act or the process of steeping something in a liquid

2.. liquid for soaking: a liquid that something is or can be steeped in

[14th century. < assumed Old English stiepan< Germanic]



leach - kiásztat vagy öblít, elmos, belemosódik, kimos

1. transitive and intransitive verb drain away: to drain away from soil when dissolved in rainwater, or lose a mineral or chemical dissolved in rainwater

herbicides (örbiszájd) (gyomirtó) that leached into the ground water

2. transitive verb remove something by dissolution: to remove soluble components from a solid mixture by the use of a solvent

3. intransitive verb lose soluble material: to lose soluble material by dissolution

1. container used in leaching: a porous container used to hold a solid mixture through which a solvent is run in order to remove soluble components

2. mixture used in leaching: a solid mixture through which a solvent (oldószer) is run in order to remove soluble  - felodható (szálöble) components

3. liquid containing leached substance: a solution containing a substance leached from a solid mixture

[ Old English leccan< Germanic]





drench - átáztat - make something very wet, állatrot orvossággal megitat

1. soak somebody or something: to make somebody or something completely wet
got absolutely drenched in the storm

I got drenched!

2. cover with something: to cover or surround somebody or something with a large amount of something

drenched in sunlight

3. veterinary medicine give liquid medicine to animal: to give an animal a large dose of medicine in liquid form by mouth
















macerate (m'aaszörét)- (ételt) feláztat

1. soften by soaking: to soften something by soaking it in liquid, or become soft by soaking in liquid

2. separate by soaking: to make something break up into pieces or into its various parts by soaking it in liquid, or break up in this way

3. reduce or waste away: to make somebody or something thin or lean, or become thin or lean, especially by starvation or fasting






ret - áztat (növényi rostot)

soak plant fibersto soak plant fibers such as flax (len) or hemp (kender) so that they become easier to separate, or be soaked and become easier to separate






immerse - belemerül / merít pl. immersing the bowl in wate¶

immrese in - belemerül a munkájába Sandra immersed herself in work to forget her problems


hick - paraszt (negatív)

brash - hetyke

coat of arms


infamous, notorious - hírhedt

wink - kacsint

coinage- pénzverde

slack - lazít

laze - henyél


pilfer - munkahelyi lopás, munkahelyen lop


groom -