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Commuter Rail


commuter = ingázó

1. regular traveler from home to work: somebody who travels regularly between places, especially between home and work

2. intercity airline: an airline that provides short flights between major cities

cigarette butt = cigi vég

1. buttocks: a person's or animal's buttocks ( informal ) ( sometimes considered offensive

2. thick end: the thicker or larger end of something, e.g. the part of a rifle held against the shoulder

3. cigarette endthe part of a cigarette that remains after the rest has been smoked

dwindling = csökkenő

warhawk = háborús solymok

savory = gusztus

1. appetizing: having an appetizing taste or smell

2. not sweet: salty or sharp-tasting rather than sweet

3. respectable: respectable or morally acceptable
not a very savory character

savory character = szimpatikus

neo-cons = neokonzervatív

repeal = töröl, delete

undo lawto officially end the validity of something such as a law

abolition of law: the act of repealing something such as a law

stunt = kunszt, meglepő mutavány, elsatnyít

1. dangerous featsomething dangerous that is done as a challenge or to entertain people

2. something underhanded done for attentionsomething underhanded, silly, or unusual that is done to gain unfair advantage or to attract attention
a publicity stunt

1. football shift defensive linemen: in football, to shift the positions of defensive linemen to improve their chances of avoiding offensive linemen's blocks

2. perform stuntsto perform dangerous feats as a challenge or to entertain people

a stunt man


1. small fragment of baked fooda very small fragment of bread, cake, cookie, or similar food

2. small amount: a tiny amount of something

3. inner part of loafthe soft middle part of a loaf of bread

4. contemptible person: somebody regarded as contemptible ( dated slang )

1. transitive verb cooking put crumbs on or in food: to coat or thicken food with crumbs, especially breadcrumbs

2. transitive and intransitive verb cooking crumble: to break bread, cake, or cookies into small bits, or be broken in this way

3. transitive verb clean crumbs from something: to clear away crumbs from something


dare = szembeszáll, dacol.mer


risk-taker: a daring risk-taker, especially somebody who performs dangerous stunts

1. unmindful of danger: showing a carefree disregard for risk or danger, especially by performing dangerous stunts

2. dangerous: involving a high degree of risk or danger
a daredevil stunt

I dare



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