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grow = növekszik, nő termeszt,

increase = növel, nő, növekszik (szám, méret)

A különbség, hogy az increase inkább növel de mivel

grow: növekszik, nő termeszt,

Nem vééletlenül merül fel, hogy helyes e, hogy egy gazdaság nő ... helyes, de ennek van metafórikus többlete

Metaphorical uses of grow as a transitive verb are sometimes considered unacceptable: grow the economy and grow a stock portfolio. There are no grounds for objecting to literal physical senses of the transitive verb: grow a beard;grow corn. Nor are there grounds for objecting to metaphorical uses of the intransitive verb: The economy grew rapidly.

INTRANSITIVE = NŐ (any direction)




in·crease [ in krss ]

transitive and intransitive verb  (past and past participle in·creased, present participle in·creas·ing, 3rd person present singular in·creas·es)
make or become larger or greater: to become, or make something become, larger in number, quantity, or degree

noun  (plural in·creas·es)
1. enlargement: a rise to a greater number, quantity, or degree, or the amount by which something is increased
2. increasing in size: the process of becoming or of making something larger in number, quantity, or degree
[14th century. Via French< Latin increscere< crescere "grow"]
in·creas·a·ble adjective
in·creas·er noun
Word Key: Synonyms
increase, expand, enlarge, extend, augment, intensify, amplify
CORE MEANING: to make larger or greater

increase to become, or make something become, larger in number, quantity, or degree;
Admission prices are to be increased by ten percent next season.
a world of ever increasing financial pressures
expand to become or cause to become larger or more extensive;
Wood expands and contracts with temperature and humidity changes.
The strong economy brought him an excellent opportunity to expand his business.
enlarge to increase the size, amount, or extent of something, or become larger;
Seating space was enlarged and access provided by vaulted passageways.
One effect of reading is to modify and enlarge the reader's experience.
extend to make larger in terms of length, area, period of time, or other existing limits;
Around the same time, both east and west breakwaters were extended.
The supermarket has extended its range of vegetables to include more exotic varieties.
augment (formal) to add to something in order to make it larger or more substantial;
augment the family income by doing some part-time work
The municipality needs new recruits to augment the existing police force.
intensify to become, or make something become, greater or stronger;
As fighting intensified, the capital was said to be without water and food supplies.
This episode only intensified Rachel's dislike of her sister's fiancé.
amplify to become, or make something become, greater in scope, stronger, or louder;
The house and shop walls amplify the noise.
attempting to amplify positive attitudes and reduce negative ones