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due to =owing to  = beacuse of (informális)

Apró külömbségek:

1, because of, informális

2. due to kicsit több formában van, mint az owing to

3. Talán nem szabály de többször találkoztam owing to-val mondat elején.

was / were / is due to sg.... létezik

partly / largely due to - létezik


He almost died due to lack of oxygen.
The company’s financial losses were due to poor management.
partly due to/due in part to: The workforce was reduced, partly due to budget pressures.
largely due to: The negative image of immigrants is largely due to ignorance.

to be due to

This is due to ... (hibásI thisis owing to)

HIBA: due to the fact - létezik de felesleges szószaporítás

due to unforeseen circumstances
due to circumstances beyond our control
to give someone their due
due to/for reasons beyond someone’s control


Flights from Stansted Airport were cancelled owing to bad weather.
Owing to the rising cost of fuel, more people are using public transport.
Synonyms or related words for this meaning of owing to: because, due to, whereas, given, in view of something... more

Usage note: owing to
Both owing to d due to mean ‘because of’. They are used in exactly the same way, except that due to can be used after the verb ‘to be’: Their failure was due to a lack of care and attention (not: was owing to).

WHEREAS: míg, jogi szövegbrn lehet következmény



legal because of a particular fact that has been considered



used for comparing two things, people, situations etc and showing that there is an important difference between them



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