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rugged - átszabdalt / barátségtalan (rágid)

arid - száraz (eerid)

rock-bottom standards - legalja életszinvonal

thicket - bozót

gnarl - bütyök

gnarled (na':(r)ld) - bütykös

sparse -ritkás

scrub trees - bozót

thorn bush -tövis bokor, galagonya

swarm - rajzik, nyüzsög

flit - röpköd

veer (off) - irányt változtat (fizikailag és átvitt értelmben is)

The Volkswagen veered off the road and crashed into a fence.
The conversation veered off in a new direction.

sway - inog / megingat (fizikailag és átvitt értelemben is) -

Do not allow yourselves to be swayed by these arguments.


   1. long piece of wood = gerenda
   2. line of light = fénysugár / high beam = reflektor / low beam/ leaser beam ... beamer
   3. big smile = ragyogás
   4. exercise equipment = gerenda
   5. part of ship = legszélesebb rész
   6. off beam = nem pontos / téves

if wishes were fishes / horses -

"If wishes were horses, beggars would ride" is an English language proverb and nursery rhyme, which is usually used to suggest that it is useless to wish; better results will be achieved through action.


Because of its popularity, this proverb can usually be shortened to "If wishes were horses..." The conclusion is well known enough to be assumed.

A variant popularized by the science fiction novel, Dune, is "If wishes were fishes, we'd all cast nets."

prim - pedáns

prim and proper

wearing a prim Victorian dress

apt - találó (pl. név), jóeszű (gyerek)

1. something that is apt, especially a name, description, or comment, is very suitable
an apt comparison - találó

It seemed apt that the winning goal was scored by the captain.
Synonyms or related words for this meaning of Synonyms or related words for this meaning of apt: suitable, convenient, proper, perfect, ideal... more

2. good at learning - jó eszű
an apt pupil 

be apt to do something - to have a tendency to do something - hajlik valamit megtenni

They are apt to become a little careless if you don’t watch them carefully.
The cars were old and apt to break down.

pesticides - /ˈpestɪsaɪd/ - singular: pesticides -   a chemical used for killing insects, especially those that damage crops  - rovarirtó / növényvédőszer

chemical fertilizers - műtrágya

impassioned speach - szenvedélyes beszéd

the ends (amply) justify the means - a cél szentesiti az eszközt (az amply csak nyomatékositó,gazdagon, nagymértékben jelentése van)

The "ends" are our end goals and the "means" are the specific actions we take to achieve those goals. "The ends justify the means" when the actions we take are considered acceptable because of the specific end results we want to achieve. Example: "I would prefer to do things differently, but in this situation, the ends justify the means." This saying is often used in the negative: "I agree with your goal, but the ends do not justify the means."

hut (nem ritka szó)-  bódé (vegyes) a beach hut ...hutments - baraktábor, nissen hut ...(félköralakú) hutch

hutch - (nyúl (féle))ól / ketrec + kredenc (szerűség)

1 a structure for keeping small animals in, especially rabbits
rabbit hutch
2. American a welsh dresser = a dresser   (=kind of cupboard) where you can keep dishes
dresser =British a large piece of furniture with drawers and cupboards at the bottom and open shelves on top

shack - kaliba (fadeszkás valami)

cattle pens - marha karám

boulder-strewn hill - sziklával szórt hegy

brush -

   1. tool
   2. use of a brush
   3. light touch
   4. short experience
   5. fox’s tail
   6. trees/branches

      [countable] an object used for painting, cleaning things, or making your hair tidy. It consists of a handle with stiff fibres or thin short pieces of plastic or wire called bristles that are fixed to it

      Remove any loose dirt using a soft brush.
      a wire brush
   2.use of a brush
      [singular] an instance of making something clean or tidy using a brush
      give something a brush:

      I’ll give my teeth a brush before we leave.

   3.light touch = gyengén hozzáér
      [singular] a very gentle movement against something

      the brush of his hand against her arm

   4. short experience
      [countable] a short experience of a dangerous or unpleasant situation
      brush with:
      He’d had a few brushes with the law, but nothing serious.
      We’d had a brush with death that left us terrified.
      Synonyms or related words for this meaning of Synonyms or related words for this meaning of brush: danger, crisis, emergency, adventure, escapade... more
            a short argument or minor disagreement with someone

            He turned out to be the man she’d had the brush with when she first arrived.
            Synonyms or related words for this meaning of Synonyms or related words for this meaning of brush: argument, disagreement, conflict, dispute, controversy... more’s tail
      [countable] the tail of a fox
      Synonyms or related words for this meaning of Synonyms or related words for this meaning of brush: more

      [uncountable] mainly American an area of land with small trees and bushes growing on it

      The deer disappeared into the brush.

      a brush fire

tap the horn - dudál

kill the engine - leálltja a motort

leave the headlights on - bekapcsolva hadja a lámpát

howl -

   1. howl the long loud sound that a dog or similar animal makes = üvölt, vonit
   2.  a long loud cry of pain, anger, or sadness = bömböl /ordit / üvölt
      a howl of rage/pain/anguish
   3. a loud sound of laughing = harsogva nevet
      There were howls from the audience.
      Synonyms: laughter, laugh, giggle, titter, belly laugh...

throng -csődül

in/ with glee- vidámság

a feeling of excitement and happiness ( that often includes pleasure at someone else’s bad luck)
Their political opponents will be rubbing their hands with glee.
Synonyms or related words: happiness, pleasure, joy, delight, contentment.

at the sight of - láttán

rake - gereblye

hoe -kapa

hoe in - belevág, to start doing something with energy and enthusiasm

cargo bed - 'rakomány ágy', ahova pakolunk

he tried out his limited Ndebele ... -

She worked swiftly - gyorsan dolgozott

Most of the time he found her intensely annoying, but she had courage when it counted. - bosszantó / amikor kellett bátor volt

punching in the code...- beüti a kódot

courage possesed ... bátorsága van

I am go to take a look around - körül fogok nézni

lizard - gyík

scuttle away - elszalad

force himself - rákényszeriti magát

startle - megijeszt (suddenly frightened)

      to make a person or animal feel suddenly frightened or surprised by doing something that they do not expect

      Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you.
      Synonyms : frighten, alarm, scare, terrify, panic... more

stand frozen - dermetten áll

his mind reeling in horror

reel in - beorsóz

corpse - tetem, hulla

clearing - tisztás

surronded by - körbevesz

congealed -kənˈdʒiːld - megalvadt

puddle - pocsolya

bloodred - vérvörös

slime - nyálka (slájm?)

nuzzle - szaglász

contorted body - eltorzult test

rouse its playmate - felkelt, (fel)biztat

  1. formal to wake someone up. He was fast asleep and could not be roused.Synonyms or related words for this meaning of rouse:         wake, awaken, get up, awake, waken... more

  2. to make someone become active, especially when they are tired, lazy, or unwilling to do something
  He roused the crowd to stand up and fight back.
  rouse yourself:
  After a few more minutes in the sun, she roused herself and went in.Synonyms or related words for this meaning of rouse:         encourage, persuade, convince, motivate, urge on... more
3. to produce an emotion or feeling in someone
  Passions were roused and threatened to boil over into violence.Synonyms or related words for this meaning of rouse:         affect, provoke, inspire, invoke, awaken... more

fight down a surge of bile and vomit - leküzdi a hányingerét (surge = hullám)

bile - epe

took the digital camera off his shoulder - levesz

massacre - ˈmæsəkə(r)/ - mészárlás

whose only crime had been to side with the Lazurus Movement - az egyetlen bűne az volt, hogy

desert camouflage fatiques - terepszinű ruha

body armor -

Night-vision goggles - éjjel látó

audio pickups - hangkövető

auburn - aranybarna

gruesome image - borzalmas, ijesztő

Cut their link - megszakítja a kapcsola

comply - teljesít, betart

      to obey a rule or law, or to do what someone asks you to do
      If you don’t comply you could face a penalty of £100.

comply with:
      You are legally obliged to comply fully with any investigations.

Synonyms or related words for this meaning of comply: obey, observe, respect, abide by, adhere to... more


Collocations: comply
      ▪  demand, legislation, order, regulation, request, requirement, rule


entering commands on a  portable keypad - begépel parancs(szavakat)

Tapped the enter key - az 'Enter' billentyűt leüti

the digital pictures streaming up ... froze, flickered, and the vanished - feltölt, lefagy, vibrál / eltűnik

lying flat - laposan fekszik

sniper - orvlövész

covert operation - fedett akció

satellite hookup -szatelit kapcsolat

a connection between two electrical systems or pieces of equipment such as computers

squeez the trigger - meghúzza a ravaszt

in disbelief  - hitetlenség (elképedés)

the feeling of not believing someone or something, especially something shocking or unexpected

Public reaction to the announcement has been one of shock and disbelief.

An expression of disbelief crossed Brody’s face.

in disbelief:

Liz stared at us in disbelief as we told her what had happened.

Synonyms or related words : surprise, shock, astonishment,

topple - el / meg / át stb. BUKIK átvitt értelemben is

1. [intransitive/transitive] to stop being steady and fall, or to make someone or something do this

He toppled over the side of the bridge into the water.

These strong winds could topple a high-sided vehicle.
Synonyms or related words: collapse, fall down, fall over, cave in, fall in... more
2. [transitive] to make someone in authority lose their power

A civil war might topple the government.


slide to the ground - földre csúszik ődő ősmearing blood - elkenőmaszatoló vér

rose to his feet - feláll, lábra áll

an array of equipment - egy halom / rend

1. countable] [usually singular] a large group of people or things that are related in some way
array of:

an impressive array of musical talent

a dazzling array of products/colours/fruit/jewels

Collocations: array
▪  bewildering (megtévesztő), dazzling, fascinating, impressive, vast, wide

[countable] [usually singular] science a number of pieces of equipment of the same type, connected together to do a particular job

An array of solar panels supplies the site with electricity.


[countable] computing an arrangement of numbers and symbols organized in rows and columns, used when writing computer programs

[uncountable] literary beautiful or impressive clothes
Synonyms or related words for this meaning of Synonyms or related words for this meaning of array: more

mike - mikrofon

mutilate -

1. megcsonkít = to damage someone’s body permanently by cutting it or removing part of it

Many of the bodies had been badly burned or mutilated.
Synonyms or related words: injure, harm, wound, cut, burn... more

   1. a.
     megrongál  to damage something seriously, or to spoil it completely, especially by removing part of it

      The painting had been badly mutilated by vandals.
      Synonyms or related words : destroy, ruin, devastate, eat away, rip apart... more



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