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Chapter One


aspen /ˈæspən/ = nyárfa

pine / fir etc.

fir = egyfajta fenyő

towering fir = jó magas fenyő (tetején a lomb)

Ponderose pine = magas fenyő, de lejebb kezdődik a koronája

pinon - kisebb fenyő

juniper / juniper-tree: boróka

slope = döl ereszkedik lejt

The floor slopes a bit.

His handwriting slopes backwards.

clump / clumps of

1 = bokros / egy csoport (fa v. bokor)
[countable] a group of trees or plants growing very close together

      a. csomó / csoport
      mainly literary a group of people or things very close together
      b. halom / rakás
      a mass of a substance
      a clump of hair/earth

[singular] the sound of heavy stepsslopes backwards

sage / sagebrush = zsálya

adobe = egyfajta vályogtégla

cloak = beborít (innen a köppeny)

handmade signs demanding XXX = kézzel készült transzparensek követelik "XXXX"

Smith felt a momentary twinge of sympathy for them = Smithnek egy pillanatra belehaított az együttérzés / megsajnálta őket.

sympathy /ˈsɪmpəθi/

      [uncountable] a natural feeling of kindness and understanding that you have for someone who is experiencing something very unpleasant

      The film describes, with considerable sympathy, the problems faced by economic migrants.

      It’s his own fault, so he’ll get no sympathy from me.
have/feel sympathy (for):

      We all have great sympathy for the victims of the flood.
      Synonyms or related words:  understanding, pity, humanity, sentiment, compassion...

      [uncountable] agreement with, or support of, a group, idea, plan etc
      sympathy with/for:

      Do you have any sympathy with his point of view?

      Darwin himself had little sympathy for these ideas.

      be out of/in sympathy with someone/something:

      The school should be entirely in sympathy with these aims.

Synonyms or related words  support, championship, backing, loyalty, solidarity... more
            [plural] support or approval for ideas, beliefs, or people

            journalists with left-wing sympathies
            someone’s sympathies lie with someone:Their sympathies automatically lay with Britain’s enemies.

            Synonyms or related words for this meaning of Synonyms or related words for this meaning of sympathy: support, championship, backing, loyalty, solidarity... more


sympathize / sympathise (AM)  /ˈsɪmpəθaɪz/ with

to behave in a kind way and show that you understand someone’s problems
sympathize with:

We sympathize deeply with the families of the victim
Synonyms or related words : feel sorry for someone, pity, commiserate, empathize, feel for... more

to approve of and support someone or something
sympathize with:

Many people admit they sympathize with the rebels’ demands.

Synonyms or related words: support, back, get behind, speak up for, endorse... more

Wave him to a stop


hand over

haughty = gőgős

proud and unfriendly
a haughty expression

cavalier  = fölényesen könnyed, fennhéjázó / gavallér (?) (inkább negatív az értelme)


      not caring about other people’s feelings or about the seriousness of a situation

      a cavalier attitude

twinkle in eyes ... csillogás a szemben

His right hand hoverd varily near

holster /ˈhəʊlstə(r) - pisztolytartó

The flap of the holster was unsnapped

freeing the  Beretta for a quick draw

protest rally = tüntetés ( rally = gyülekezet)

He jerked  a thumb over his shoulder, = vála fölött a (tömeg felé) bökött / ránt


1 = ktitika / panasz / letolás
informal criticism and argument

The policy is getting a lot of flak.
Synonyms or related words for this meaning of Synonyms or related words for this meaning of flak: criticism, condemnation, disapproval, recrimination, uproar... more
2. légelhárító tüzéség
bullets or bombs that are shot at planes from the ground


1. MEGIJESZT (annyi többletjelentése van, hogy idegessé is tesz, pl. a tűntetés megijeszti a hatóságokat)

[transitive] to make someone suddenly feel frightened or nervous

This rally (tüntetés / gyűlés) has the folks in Admin spooked.

Synonyms or related words frighten, alarm, scare, terrify, panic... more

      [intransitive] to suddenly feel frightened or nervous

      Synonyms or related words: scare, be/live in dread of, panic, have a horror of (doing) something, take fright... more

get your kicks from something = r"úgást kapnak" / örömet okoz nekik

to do something, especially something bad, because it gives you a feeling of excitement
He got his kicks from inflicting (okozott) pain on others.

get their kicks tossing Molotov coctail

proprty destruction

The prospect of ... was not especially  appealing

what was supposed to be a vacation



lopsided /ˌlɒpˈsaɪdɪd/

   1. aránytalan, elfogult
      not equal
      Synonyms or related words conflicting, different, various, alternative, distinct...
 2. aránytalan, torz
      not even or level because one side is larger, higher, or heavier than the other

      a lopsided smile
      Synonyms or related words: uneven, irregular, slanted, inclined, winding... more


ringside (seat) = "páholy" / nézőtér első sora; átvitt értelmben a legjobb hely, "páholy", a páholy egyébként box

near to the place where an event is happening, especially a boxing or wrestling match

a ringside commentator

a ringside seat/view

... given him an all-expenses-paid ringside seat to scope out the XY ... 


scope or scope out
to examine someone or something carefully

We need to scope (out) the competition before we open a new business.

The work here was right up his alley /ˈæli/.  - a munka itt kedvére való volt.

a grain of salt = egy szemernyi

  • 0,0648 gramm

mote = a very small piece of dust (old fashioned)


1. Valami felett szálldos / áll pl. madár, repülő
if a bird, insect, or aircraft hovers, it keeps itself in the same position in the air
An army helicopter hovered overhead.
Synonyms or related words: jump, bound, leap, spring, hop... more

to stay somewhere because you are waiting to do something or because you cannot decide what to do
The waiter was hovering by their table.
Her hand hovered over the phone for a couple of seconds.

Synonyms or related words : remain, stay, wait, keep, linger... more

3. vlami között LEBEG (átvitt) pl. élet halál között
to be in a state or situation that may change at any time
hover between:
His girlfriend is hovering between life and death.

Synonyms or related words: come up for, come up to, build up to, be in for a treat, be about to do something... more

4.  KÖRÜL ÁLL (pl az eladás)
to be at or near a particular level without changing much
hover around/near:
Their total world sales hover around the 50,000,000 mark.

Synonyms or related words: maintain, withstand, stabilize, stagnate, stay... more

5. Határán van

hover on the brink/edge/verge  of something
- határán van
to be very close to doing or experiencing something, especially something unpleasant
Annabel was hovering on the brink of tears.

hovercraft - légpárnás hajó

hovering - lebegő

 vending machine - automata

waft - sodor (szekkőként pl. illatot)

 multitude = SOKASÁG,  TÖMEG (általában is, de sok ember értelmében
      mainly literary a large crowd of people
      A cheering multitude greeted the Queen.
     The promised multitudes were assembling
            the multitude = a tömeg (a nép)
            the multitudes = a tömeg (a nép)
            formal the ordinary people who have no power or influence
            Can you imagine what effect that will have on the multitude?
            Synonyms or related words : the people, the general public, the little people, Everyman, the grass roots... more


      a multitude of
      a very large number of people or things

      The city’s museums offer a multitude of cultural possibilities.
      Synonyms or related words: mass, quantity, abundance, pile, a lot/lots... more
      cover/hide a multitude of sins
      to hide a lot of faults or problems
      This carpet hides a multitude of sins.
      Synonyms or related words: hide, cover, obscure, conceal, tuck away... more

zealot(s)  /ˈzelət/ - fanatikus / vakbuzgó
 someone who believes they are right to do whatever will help their political or religious ideas to succeed, even if it is cruel or unfair


 runaway nanomachines . elsazabdult nanogépek

 sorcerer /ˈsɔː(r)sərə(r)/ = gonosz varázsló
 a man who uses evil spirits to do magic in stories

Sorcerer's Apprentice 
The poem begins as an old sorcerer departs his workshop, leaving his apprentice with chores (házmunka csór) to perform. Tired of fetching water  by pail, the apprentice enchants (encseent) - elvarázyol a broom to do the work for him — using magic he is not yet fully trained in. The floor is soon awash with water, and the apprentice realizes that he cannot stop the broom because he does not know how.

enchant - /ɪnˈtʃɑːnt/ elbűvül, elvarázsol

devour  /dɪˈvaʊə(r)/

   1. felfal / fal
      to eat something very fast because you are hungry
      Synonyms or related words: more
   2. fal (átvutt értelmben is)
      to read, watch, or listen to something with a lot of interest or enthusiasm

      He was already devouring detective fiction as a young child.
      Synonyms or related words for : read, study, peruse, legible, illegible... more
   3.  felfalva van / rabul van ejtve
      if you are devoured by a feeling, you feel it very strongly and cannot get rid of it
      Chris was devoured by curiosity.
      Synonyms or related words:  come over, return, run away with, sweep over, wear off... more
   4. Elpusztít
      to destroy something completely
      Synonyms or related words: destroy, ruin, devastate, eat away, rip apart... morehow.

endless  parade of Sorcerer's Apprentice enchanted brooms  - finally devouring the Earth

hyperbole /haɪˈpɜː(r)bəli/ = túlzó kijelentés
 a way of emphasizing what you are saying by describing it as far more extreme than it really is

You could not match wilde hyperbole but tangible results. = A vad túlzásokat nem tudod legyőzni / egyenrangúvá tenni  csak kézzzelfogható eredménnyel. 

match = egyenrangúvá válik / tesz

make someone compete against
[transitive] to make a person or team compete against a particular opponent
match someone against/with someone:
They are matched against Holland in the first game.

honest-to-God = hamisítatlan / igazi

honest (to God)
used for trying to make someone believe that what you say is true
I don’t know anything about it, honest  (to God)
I wouldn’t lie to you, honest to God I wouldn’t.


subside /səbˈsaɪd/
1. alábbhagy
become weaker, less violent, or less severe
The pain should subside in an hour or two.
By morning the storm had subsided.
Synonyms or related words:  lessen, reduce, chip away, weaken, erode... more

2. süllyed, süpped
if the level of flood water subsides, it becomes lower
      if land subsides, it sinks to a lower level
      Synonyms or related words: rise, shift, erode, fall away, drop... more

3.  süllyed
if a building subsides, it becomes damaged because the land it is on has sunk
Synonyms or related words : collapse, fall down, fall over, cave in, fall in... more


deluge /ˈdeljuːdʒ/

   1. áradat
      a lot of things all happening or arriving at the same time, especially if they are hard to deal with

      The company received a deluge of complaints about the defective product.
      Synonyms or related words for this meaning of Synonyms or related words for this meaning of deluge: more
      2: áradat
      a very heavy fall of rain
      Synonyms or related words for this meaning of Synonyms or related words for this meaning of deluge: more
            a flood
            Synonyms or related words for this meaning of Synonyms or related words for this meaning of deluge: more

contagion /kənˈteɪdʒ(ə)n/
1. ferőzés
[uncountable] medical a situation in which a disease can be spread from one person or animal to another through touch or through the air

      [countable] medical a disease that can be spread from one person to another through touch or through the air
      Synonyms or related words : illness, disease, sickness, infection, disorder... more

2 fertőzés (ideáé)
[singular] formal a situation in which feelings or ideas spread very quickly from one person or place to another
Synonyms or related words:  communication, interaction, contact, liaison, articulation... more


vantage = előny
előnyös pont, jó kilátás, helyzeti előny
a position from which you can see things well
Synonyms or related words for this meaning of Synonyms or related words for this meaning of vantage point: view, scene, sight, backdrop, panorama... more
the particular ideas or beliefs that influence the way that you think about things

The war is described from the vantage point of those on the winning side.
Synonyms or related words for this meaning of Synonyms or related words for this meaning of vantage point: self-assessment, opinion, attitude, view, viewpoint... more

to man =  (legénységgel) ellát, megerősít

to provide a place, machine, or system with the people needed to operate it. Some people avoid using this word because they think it is offensive to women, and they use staff or crew instead

We need someone to man the switchboard.

the other organizations were only along for the ride = futottak még

drab = drapp (elvileg nem csak szín, anyag is)

milling crowd = mozgó tömeg

duffel bag /ˈdʌf(ə)l ˌbæɡ = düftin táska szó szerint / de ez egyfajta táska az amit mi sport táskának hívun

wary grace of a predator = óvatos háls / tekintet




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